Read With You Online

Auditioning with a professional reader makes your submission competitive!

Since we are a division of Actors Comedy Studio, you are guaranteed an outstanding, personalized experience. ACS is LA’s premier acting studio for on-camera comedy acting, writing and audition technique. While we specialize in television and film comedy, dramatic auditions are equally welcome at Audition Experts. We can read with you through Zoom or other means that meet your needs. 

Working with your significant other or not-always-available friend can hurt you.

It’s good to know you have someone to rely on for every valuable audition opportunity. A quality reader matters, and let’s face it; The person you have available may be willing to help in a pinch but they may not be able to produce the best overall submission with you. Can they help you pick the right take to send and support why? Can they define what a quality audition is, aside from good acting? Do they work with Casting Directors regularly? We do. We will help you bring your audition in for a clear landing with certainty and authority. 

We know what casting directors and producers need from your submission. 

Our staff has unmatched experience helping actors book work through great auditioning. You provide the talent, we’ll help make sure the camera captures it. We want you to be as free as possible within the work. 

We can work with you anywhere in the world!

Whether you audition regularly or intermittently, it’s good to have a relationship with a partner you can trust. The digital age of Hollywood has created opportunities for the world’s creatives to connect wherever we are. Since we’re among the best known acting coaches anywhere, you can trust us to give the read you want to send to Casting Directors and Producers! 

We’re available for Producer Sessions.

We work with clients at the studio and network level all the time. We can handle the pressure of reading with you for network and studio executives, bringing ease and calm to an otherwise intense experience.


  • Professional readers who know the current TV and Film landscape. 
  • Guidance and feedback on framing, eye lines, vocal scaling and more.
  • Advice and audition tips that help your self-tapes look professional.

Coaching can easily be added to your session. Select the amount of coaching time you need after you click ‘Next’

Coaching time is in addition to your reading session! (ie; 15 mins. reading + 15 mins. coaching) The option to add coaching to an online read appears automatically when you schedule a reader.

Attention: Our booking system automatically converts time zones. EXAMPLE: If you are in New York and want an appointment for 3 pm, select “New York” time zone and then make the appointment for 3 pm. It will show up on our calendar as 12 pm, which would be the correct time for us. You do not need to make manual time zone adjustments!