Audition Reminders

1) Stand like an athlete with your feet beneath your shoulders, knees slightly bent. Find your center of gravity.

2) If you’re sitting, keep your spine up. Don’t slouch!

3) React AWAY from the camera, never toward it.

4) Anchor yourself in emotion at the top of the scene. Don’t think about what you’ll do. Feel what’s going to happen.

5) Know the geography of the scene in advance. Block all of your eyelines, entrances and exits.

6) Ignite your breath during countdown to “action”. Keep breathing deeply throughout.

7) Target your voice so it lands directly on the reader. Your voice should not spread throughout the room.

8) Beware of darting your eyes, extra vocalizations like sighs and hmmms as well as smacking sounds.

9) Don’t roll your eyes, even if your character is exasperated. 

10) If you move, move with purpose and intent.

11) Stay grounded. Land your lines and their intent on the reader. Don’t deliver lines to the atmosphere.

12) Play and have fun!