The Funniest Scenes in the World

“Invaluable!” “Hilarious!” “Lifesaver!”

I’d like to tell you about my scene books for actors, as well. I wrote The Funniest Scenes in the World Volume 1 and Volume 2 to give actors great, industry standard scenes for practice, live readings and shooting reel footage.

These books are collections of original scenes that are suitable for industry meetings and showcases. In fact, many of my scenes have been performed in Casting Director workshops to rave reviews. So many Casting Directors have asked actors, “Where did you get that scene?” It’s a fun surprise when they answer, “My teacher.” These scenes have also been used by actors to read for agents and managers with equal success and appreciation.

Both books are required material for the Acting for Sitcoms program that I created for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The value of these 50 original scenes goes far beyond any other original scene book for actors currently in the marketplace.

The scenes were all envisioned for the screen rather than stage. They are formatted like TV shooting scripts used by professional actors.  Some have been shot and produced and are view-able as MiniComs ™. You can see and hear for yourself how well the audience responds to this material!

If you need a great comedy scene for your reel, look no further. I’ve given permission for all of these scenes to be filmed for reel footage. The scenes are highly adaptable and the books are ingeniously designed to help guide you into casting and branding that makes sense for you personally. Have fun!

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