The Team

Audition Experts is a division of Actors Comedy Studio, The World’s Only TV Comedy Acting & Writing School. While we specialize in comedy, we can help you with auditions and coachings across the current media landscape. From film to TV, micro-budget indies to studio tentpoles, comedy, drama, everywhere in between, we are here for every actor and every audition. 

Master Comedy Coach Gunnar Rohrbacher founded ACS with Lauren Bertoni in 2011 with the specific goal of training actors to work in scripted comedy. Part of that training is professional audition technique and acting for the camera. Now, more than ever, auditioning well is critical to actors who want to book work.

We’ve always been one step ahead of Hollywood’s ever-changing demands

We were one the first Hollywood acting studios to transition to regular online teaching. Our Zoom classes and coaching have received rave reviews from clients around the globe. ACS was originally designed as an on-camera studio. Our transition to working with actors virtually was seamless on all fronts. No driving, parking and no time wasted. We work the way Hollywood works – fast, efficient and online.

Plus we update our knowledge base of industry trends constantly. We earn the title of Audition Experts every day.

Great AUDITION SKILLS have never been more important

Callbacks are few and far between. Actors are asked to self-submit. We don’t meet writers, producers and directors in person as often as we used to. The faculty at Audition Experts and ACS understand the needs of today’s actor and we are totally committed to the success of every person we coach.

We don’t sell false promises here. We respect artists too much. The truth is, actors meet the rest of the industry through prerecorded auditions, watched on screens. Those who don’t audition well simply don’t succeed. We are masters at training actors to offer their best possible performances within their audition.

We are the leading comedy audition experts in Hollywood

Our comedy coaches are experienced experts. Our readers are fun, funny and provide the timing, rhythm and pace of TV and film comedy. Since self-taping is the new normal, it’s worth noting that actors will have a relationship with the facility they coach and read with most often. What’s better than an industry professional guide that feels like a friend?