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Expert Help When You Need It Most

Have an important audition coming up? Need to be sure you’re making the choices that casting and producers are looking for? Do you need help understanding the script the way the writer intended?

Maybe you need the confidence boost that comes with extra prep. Come get some! The Audition Experts coaches are knowledgeable professionals who give clear, certain answers to all of your questions. We erase all doubts about who your character is and what’s going on in every scene.

Our coaching covers story, character, scaling and tone specific to your project

We know what the writers are asking you to do. Our penetrating script analysis method (iCAMERA) was developed by Actors Comedy Studio Founder, Gunnar Rohrbacher. We look through the lens of the writer to decode what is in your pages.

We’ll help you audition, understanding the story and character as they do. Casting directors will become your biggest fans! Our time tested system is equally effective for drama as well as comedy.

Our coaching feedback includes physicality, blocking, volume, projection, timing, rhythm, pace and joke identification. Our coaches unpack crystal clear character definition and overall tone of the show. Our clients and students book consistently because they aren’t guessing about anything.

Single-cam? Multi-cam? Hybrid? Dramedy? We’ve got you!

Since we’re comedy specialists, we can help you crush single-cam, multi-cam and dramedy auditions. Everything from The Big Bang Theory to Barry. If you’re confused about the differences or how those labels impact your audition, we’re the best qualified coaches in all of Hollywood to help you. 

What about space work? Improv? Buttons? Tag lines?

Our coaching includes clear direction on physical actions and space work required to pull off a great looking audition. We can help you gauge how much to add or ad-lib and whether a tag line is necessary or not, specific to each scene. We do this every day and we’re great at reading the needs of each project.

What if I haven’t had Audition Technique training?

Some actors don’t realize that auditioning is a unique genre of acting that requires specific training. They might be unsure about the technical aspects, like where to place eye-lines and how to activate for the camera before speaking. We offer coaching for beginning actors who haven’t had audition technique training yet.

Auditions often look unprofessional even if the actor is talented, trained and right for the part. Darting eyes, vocal static and leaning in toward the camera are just a few reasons an audition can be unsuccessful, even if the acting is on point.

If you lack solid audition technique, your chances of booking are slim. We coach actors to audition like pros.

You can also book an audition coaching without using our reading services. 

Attention: Our booking system automatically converts time zones. EXAMPLE: If you are in New York and want an appointment for 3 pm, select “New York” time zone and then make the appointment for 3 pm. It will show up on our calendar as 12 pm, which would be the correct time for us. You do not need to make manual time zone adjustments!