The Comedy Code

A special note from Gunnar:

Hello everybody! It is with great joy that I present the world with The Comedy Code – Your Complete Guide to Acting and Writing for Television in the Digital Age of Hollywood. I put hundreds of hours of research into writing this book and frankly, my entire heart and soul. Everything I’ve learned about succeeding in the entertainment industry is here in this book: how to break down scripts the way writers wish actors would, how to audition well, creating larger than life characters that remain believable, what the industry expects you to know, the realities of the casting process… it’s all here. I hope it helps make your dreams come true.

Much love,



Praise for The Comedy Code

“What a remarkable accomplishment this book is! Gunnar Rohrbacher has taken all of his knowledge, smarts and experience to create an absolutely MUST HAVE comedy directive… congrats to everyone who gets the chance to study his soon to be seminal work.”

Sarabeth Schedeen, Senior Agent BRS/Gage

“Gunnar has left no stone unturned in creating a comprehensive resource that will help you better understand the practicalities of auditioning your work, writing better comedy and meeting the challenges of the industry.”

Dorian Frankel, Emmy Award Winning Casting Director

“The Comedy Code is magical and spellbinding.”

Julia Butters, Anna Kat on ABC’s American Housewife

“One of the great joys of my life is making Gunnar laugh. I make a lot of folks laugh… a lot. But when you “get” Gunnar, you’ve done something fine. This is because he is unflinchingly honest with a keen eye, fierce intellect and a broad base of knowledge both of the industry and the world. This book channels all of this and more of Gunnar’s many gifts. It’s possibly the most intelligent book ever written on a craft that is almost purely instinctual.”

Carolyn Hennesy, Award Winning Actor

“This book gives actors valuable short-cuts to streamline their process and be the most competitive in the
room. I can’t wait to re-read it and squeeze as much juice out of it as possible!”

Audrey Moore, Host of Audrey Helps Actors Podcast

“Thank you, Gunnar! The Comedy Code is my acting bible and will never leave my side. It has everything you need to know about show business, all in one place.”

Kate Linder, Esther Valentine on CBS’ The Young & The Restless

“Now, we all have a reference guide on what this all means, how to get started, what skills we need, how to present ourselves in the production centers of the world, how to audition, how to work with crew, how to do our jobs, how to move forward in our journey, what to call things we’ve always been curious about, even do research to help us explore our comedy characters. All in one, awesome book: The Comedy Code. Thank your lucky stars you’ve picked up this book, and that you’ve now got a million-dollar roadmap for your comedy journey. Enjoy.”

David H. Lawrence XVII. Actor, Voice Over Instructor, Creator of the Rehearsal Pro App