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26. How do I handle rejection?

With aplomb.

Here’s the interesting thing about that word in this town. Largely, no one actually says no to you in this town. Actors have a tendency to feel rejected but nobody actually rejects you. At least not directly.

In other words, if you go into an audition and you’re not the person who booked, you just don’t hear anything. I understand that is kind of default and de facto rejection, but the process is also similar to trying to get a job through an interview process.

When trying to sign with an agent or manager, occasionally they say, “We can’t take you right now” or “We already have someone your type.” Most people don’t actually say the word no.

Understand that it’s a process and if you do hear “No,” don’t take NO for an answer!

It helps if you have a complete life around building an acting career. Your happiness is your responsibility regardless of what you decide to do with your life. Make sure you don’t attach your self worth to bookings or the lack of them. Stay busy. Learn to love yourself fully. You’ll need to find that for yourself whether you stay in show business or not.