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8. How do I avoid going too BIG in comedy?

This question about comedy comes up in class quite often. 

There are two parts to this answer:

  1. Good acting is good acting. Performing scripted comedy requires the best acting possible because it goes faster than drama. It leaves you more naked. It is risky and it never asks actors to play it safe.
  2. Specificity is key. If you have fully realized the story, character and archetype and you are being specific with your intentions than the emotions won’t be too big. Always tell the truth from an authentic place and you’ll be fine.

Not all acting training or comedic training is the same. People like Megan Mullally (Karen Walker) and Jason Richards (Cosmo Kramer) aren’t able to play larger than life characters honestly because of their DNA. They trained, practiced and perfected them.

One of the reasons I’m so proud of Actors Comedy Studio is because this is one of the few places on the planet where people can develop upper level skills. Actors can come here to learn how to perform like the icons of comedy. It takes instruction, dedication and direction from a knowledgeable mentor.