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10. Single-Cam vs Multi-Cam?

Here are a couple of examples of single-cam vs multi-cam:

Big Bang Theory is an example of a multi-cam show. It is shot live in front of a studio audience on a sound stage. You can hear the audience’s laughter during the show. Multi-Cams hearken back to Vaudeville. There is a set up, punchline, & joke. The writers attempt to land several jokes per page.

Modern Family is an example of a single-cam comedy. There is a cinematic look to the show. You don’t hear any laughter during an episode because there is no audience. Single-cam shows tend to have more absurd premises. Characters often rant for a long period of time. Generally, you don’t have to set up jokes and knock them down like you would on a multi-cam set.  

That’s the short answer. the longer version is explored throughout our curriculum.