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24. What if I have an agent/manager and I’m not going out on auditions?

This is a good question. I think a lot of actors are in this position. You’re not alone. There are many actors who do overcome the hurdle of getting represented and feel like they are not getting out enough or not at all.

There could be a lot of reasons why. It could be the agent or manager. But it’s important to note that it could absolutely have nothing to do with them. There is not always a role coming out in the breakdowns that is right for you. There could be multiple weeks where your casting is simply not in play. Or you could be in play, you get submitted but don’t get called in.

In that sense, it’s a numbers game.

Beyond that, you may want to ask yourself, “Why doesn’t casting call me in?” It could have something to do with your pictures. Do your pictures look just like you? It could have something to do with your reel footage. Is your reel footage up to date?

In summary, there are many factors that can contribute to this effect. It isn’t always just your agent not doing their job…