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23. What is your Sitcom Essentials Class about?

Sitcom Essentials is awesome!

It is a ten week course, which is different than our on-going weekly workout classes. Within Sitcom Essentials there are five teachers who deliver diverse points of view. I have a working actor that comes in and talks to the actors. I have a well known agent come in and talk to the actors. (Sarabeth Schedeen from BRS Gage) Phyllis Katz, who is one of my dear friends and an original Groundling, also guest teaches one of the weeks.

The actors also prepare, rehearse and perform a multi-cam shoot in front of a live studio audience. We have professional writers on set that are changing actors lines on the fly in the manner that they would on a real multi-cam shoot. It’s an incredible event.

Sitcom Essentials is a ten week game changer for your career!