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2. The first thing I should do when I move to Los Angeles?

Oh my goodness! Find a place to live! LOL!

Los Angeles is a big, spread out collection of multiple neighborhoods and cities. It’s really important for you to get grounded and learn the landscape. There is a lot of traffic here; that’s very well known. However, unless you’re from another giant metropolitan area, it’s going to be more intense than you might think. This entire place is intense.

Get adjusted to the sprawling size of Los Angeles and learn how to get where you need to be on time. It’s hard to park, we have too many signs and it takes forever to find a space. You sound new and frankly, unprofessional when you ask people for help parking. It’s tough. Adjust your schedule to allow for the shock traffic, parking and a walk that’s further than you thought it might be.

Past that, you need to build a community. A network of friends and peers is essential. Get in class. Learn to talk to strangers if you haven’t already. A sense of humor and mad comedy skills come in handy when you’re new. If you’re shy, just pretend like you’re in a Sitcom.