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3. What’s the biggest mistake actors make?

Good question!

The biggest mistake actors make is not setting themselves up in regard to business. Especially if you come to Hollywood to be a career actor or writer. Most actors typically want auditions, representation and bookings. In order to do that, you need to get organized first. 

It’s easy to do with gmail, google docs and spreadsheets. Start envisioning who you would want to meet and set up lists and ways of accounting for the relationships you are going to make in this town. Want an agent? You might have to ask a lot. It will help to keep track of who you’ve reached out to and when.

Are you starting to get auditions? Have a system in place to keep notes about how particular offices function and the names of everyone who works in them. Create an actual LLC or business identity for yourself so when you start making money, you can save on taxes. If any of that sounds overwhelming, just ask the internet how to go about it and learn. That’s what I do!

A little more work organizing in the beginning can save you countless hours of searching for information later.