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4. Headshots… What’s the difference?

What is the difference between headshots that works for me or against me?

I could talk about this forever. Actors aren’t really taught how to take amazing headshots. That unfortunate lack of knowledge often causes frustration and a lot of wasted money. That’s why I offer Smart Headshots; individual coaching sessions designed to train actors on how to get killer photos.

Ideally, your headshot should represent you clearly as an actor. Simple. They also indicate how you are best cast. If your pictures are on point, it suggests you understand how casting and others will see you.

Most pictures are too general. Actors often believe that there are only two kinds of photos. One of them smiling aka “the commercial one”. Another one where they are serious aka “the theatrical one.”

Truly awesome headshots have elements of great photography combined with specific needs of industry standard pictures. Most actors don’t know how to prepare for that combination. Actors often surrender all authority to their photographer. Actors with great photos know they need to collaborate for the best results.

You should go into your headshot session thinking of the kinds of characters you would play on TV. Which show they would appear on? Next, wardrobe appropriately. When taking your photos, have specific thoughts and objectives in line with the characters you have created. Deliver those thoughts and objectives into the camera to create interesting, unique headshots specific to you.